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These Household Cleaning Products Should Never Be Mixed Together! Here Is the 411 on Which Ones

If you’ve been spending more time at home than normal lately, you might likely find yourself overwhelmed with all sorts of cleaning projects. Yet, this is never an excuse to take the easy way out! Because, we’ve all likely encountered that one daunting job, which has tempted us to pull the best tricks from our sleeves. Whichever way you slice it, though, it’s a bad idea to mix two cleaning agents. These toxic combinations can emit dangerous fumes and even erode surfaces. Gulp – not your stylish kitchen countertops! Skip the heartache and headache before it happens with these cleaning combos to avoid.  

  • Bleach and Vinegar: These two ingredients produce chlorine gas, which can cause coughing, breathing problems, and burning, watery eyes, even at low levels.
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: Though a popular solution for DIY cleaning, baking soda, and vinegar mixed will mostly result in water once the initial reaction has occurred. If you store these two agents in the same closed container, the mixture might also explode.
  • Bleach and Ammonia: Bleach and ammonia produce a toxic gas called chloramine, which can result in many of the same symptoms as chlorine gas, along with shortness of breath and chest pain. Many glass and window cleaners contain ammonia, so never mix those with bleach.
  • Two Different Drain Cleaners: Are two drain cleaners better than one? The answer is no. These powerful formulas should never be mixed, as they could explode if combined.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar: When used separately on a surface and wiped down in-between, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are safe. However, mixing them in the same container creates peracetic acid, which can be toxic and can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system.
  • Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol: As a rule, bleach should never be mixed with anything other than water. In fact, if you mix it with rubbing alcohol, you’ll have chloroform on your hands, which can be irritating and toxic.

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