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Body Language Can Tell You So Much Especially These Four Common Cues

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Body language can play a major role in communication. In fact, it’s one of the many forms of nonverbal communication and allows us insight into how others are feeling. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you embody these verbal cues whenever you talk to someone. So, if you are interested in learning more about body language and self-expression through these particular cues, read on about these common body language gestures and what they mean.

Interlacing Fingers

Interlacing your fingers with someone is largely viewed as a romantic gesture. However, if you notice someone interlacing their fingers, causing them to form an almost-fist with both hands, you can safely assume that this person is stressed or uncomfortable. Why? Interlacing fingers is a self-soothing mechanism, along with stiffening our fingers and slowly moving our hands back and forth.

Standing with Hands on Hips

Known as the “Superman pose,” standing straight with your hands on your hips is regarded by many as an assertive, confident pose. However, this common stance can also be interpreted as aggressive. This is because pointed elbows and the stance itself – which takes up considerably more space than standing with your arms at your sides – seem territorial and intimidating.

Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul. So, it only makes sense that eye contact is heavily studied in the world of body language analysis. Steady, natural eye contact indicates to someone else that you are listening to them. Refuse to make eye contact, and the person you’re communicating with may lose trust in what you’re saying. Hold eye contact too intensely, and you’ll intimidate the other person.

Sitting with Legs Spread

Want to exude a sense of power? Taking up space while sitting – either by extending your arms or, more commonly, spreading your legs while seated – indicates that you’re the type of person to grab life by the horns. That’s because, in our minds, taking up space is equated with having more power. So, try taking up a bit more space than usual the next time you’re seated in a job interview or important meeting.

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